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"Bio-Obstbautagung" 2020

On Friday, January 24, 2020, FiBL organized the annual organic fruit growing conference in Switzerland.

Around 90 people attended the event. The main topics of this year's conference were organic fruit intended for processing and “regenerative agriculture”. First results from the CORE Organic project DOMINO regarding tree strip management (permanent greening, legume sowing) and an innovative weather protection system were presented within the framewok of presentations about current research at FiBL.

The conference started with a short overview of the developments in the organic fruit market, followed by short statements of various stakeholders (retailers, processors and farmers) on the situation, opportunities and challenges of the production of fruit intended for processing and the fruit processing value chain. Subsequently a presentation about “regenerative agriculture” was held, which was greeted by the audience with many critical but constructive questions. Furthermore, the ongoing research projects were presented, with a thematic block on disease and pest regulation, and one on cultivation techniques and varieties, with a tasting of new apple and pear varieties respectively breeding numbers.