WP1 - Project Management

The management of the project is assured by a structure formed by the coordinator (CO), the workpackage managers (WPM) and the WP participants (WPP). Within a WP, a task leader leads each task. All project participants are part of the General Assembly (GA). The CO is responsible for project management and administration, thus facilitating the project development, monitors the resources, controls the quality of the outcomes and enables a secured flow of information among partners.

The CO shall ensure that the project reaches its objectives and that its outcomes are in-line with the work plan in terms of milestones and deliverables as well as for the planned resources. The management activities include: (a) establishing a consortium agreement with all partners, (b) ensuring efficient collaboration within the team and that all participants comply with contractual obligations, (c) acting as the contact point between the DOMINO consortium and Core-Organic secretary, (d) facilitating within-project communication i.e., project website, kick-off meeting, project meetings and exchange visits among partners, (e) organization of the report on project implementation, the interim and the final reports (f) assuring the financial soundness for payments and reporting to EC, (g) coordinating the logistics for meetings and internal communication (within and between WPs); (h) applying procedures to ensure quality and conformity to EC and consortium agreement requirements.

The WPMs report to the coordinator and are responsible for all tasks in their respective WPs. The WPMs guarantee that all milestones and deliverables are provided on time, and prepare the scientific WP reports for delivery to the Co. The Co monitors the effective and efficient implementation of the project and makes a report to GA. WPPs, under the supervision of the WPM, will contribute to (a) the specific tasks within each work package, (b) scientific reporting on their activities to the WPM, (c) peer-reviewed publications, and (d) project meetings.

The day-to-day administrative and financial management of the project is assured by a specific group of staff at UPM which will form a network with the respective staff from all other partners, to ease the communication particularly related to financial reporting and to logistic issues. Project monitoring of administrative and financial activities, including a follow up on spent resources, will be carried out in occasion of the annual meetings, which results will be used for risk management and to take decisions on possible changes and in fine-tuning the planned activities.

WP1 coordinates also the scientific approach to methodology, standardizing the different experimental layouts and data analyses.